Forever QR Code Tombstone Stories

Each tombstone represents a life and a story.

QR Codes are now making it possible to watch and learn about a loved one from our phones.

By pointing our phone camera at a QR code and clicking the link, we can view a tribute video, life celebration slide show, photo collage, obituary, life story, etc.

If you’re interested in the history of the QR code, they’ve been around since 1994. During Covid, many of us learned to use them to view a menu to order food at a restaurant.

Iphones and most Android phones now let you scan QR codes using the built-in camera app; no need to download a separate app (QR code reader.)

We believe QR Codes most definitely belong in cemeteries.

Here’s How It Works:

  • You provide a video or slide show (a story or obituary is also appropriate).
  • We place the video / slide show / story / obit on its own private web page.
  • We design the personal QR code and print on a 2×2 inch titanium square.
  • Note: It comes with 3-M stickers on the back.
  • We mail the titanium QR code to you (it takes about 3 weeks).
  • The titanium QR code can be placed just about anywhere: tombstone, urn, etc.

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Try it: This is a sample of a QR code linked to a tribute video. Scan the QR Code then click the link to watch from your phone. (Note: If you’re reading this from a phone or tablet, you’ll need a different device to scan the QR code.)